Ayodola Anise 
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Our Story

Anise (pronounced ann-ee-shay) in Yoruba, a Nigerian language, means "one who has a mission to accomplish in the future." Be ANISE'D represents a fulfillment of the mission of creating jewelry that reflects being bold, courageous, daring and other adjectives that describe the power within us. Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Ayodola Anise has a passion for identifying unique gems and semi-precious stones and fashioning pieces of jewelry that stands out. Ayodola started making jewelry for herself over 10 years ago and has expanded to bring her pieces to those who value wearable art.  
Be Anise'd pieces are hand-made and created in limited quantities- there are less than five of the same piece available for purchase. We use sterling silver, gold, and brass accents to complement the real gems and stones such as freshwater pearls, amber, amethyst, lapis and much more.  We use a lot of gems and stones, and as a result, our pieces are robust and weighty.  
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